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Dr. Ruchika Yadav



PhD (Organizational Management) Thesis on “A Study of Leadership Preferences of Gen X, Y, And Z in Vertical Dyads and its Impact on Relationship Conflict” from Savitribai Phule Pune University (Research Centre- National Insurance Academy)

Fellow of the Insurance Institute of India

Specialized Diploma in Health Insurance, the Insurance Institute of India

PGDBM (HR & Marketing)

B.Com (Hons), Delhi University



Working as Research Associate at National Insurance Academy, Pune.

Joined United India Insurance as a Direct Recruit Officer in October 2012.

Worked as Senior HR Executive for leading private companies for 4 years prior to joining United India.



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Conference Presentation

 International Conference Presentations:

  • Yadav, R. and Chaudhari, S. (2022). Leader-Member Exchange and Its Impact on Relationship Conflict: A Generational Study, presented (virtually) in 12th International Conference on Management, Economics, and Humanities, Vienna, Austria.
  • Chaudhari, S., Yadav, R., and Rai, S. (2018). Gen Y Work Values, Perceived Organizational Support and Job Attitudes: Career Perception Study in Public Sector, presented in the International Conference on the Changing Nature of Careers organized by XLRI, Jamshedpur.

National Conference Presentations:

  • Yadav, R. and Chaudhari, S. (2020). Relationship Conflict in Vertical Dyad- A Generational Study, presented in Anvesh 2020- 16th Doctoral Research Conference in Management organized by Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad.


Research Reports and Proceedings Report


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Areas of


Human Resource Management and Soft Skills- Business Etiquette, Connecting with Self, Corporate Grooming, Creating a Learning Environment, Effective Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Goal Setting, Netiquette, Online Training Skills, Personality Development, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Sources of Conflict, Team Building, Training Etiquette, Training Evaluation, Training Need Analysis, Training Techniques- Management Games and Outbound Learning, Work Life Balance.


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