Group Insurance business is underwritten according to the structure and needs of the insured group. Health insurance premium in India is growing exponentially in recent years owing to the better awareness and increased hospitalisation expenses. Therefore,  it is  very  important to have a detailed knowledge of the factors impacting underwriting of Group Health insurance in India.

A consistent underwriting approach at point of application is one important key to create profitable Group Health insurance business.

This programme aims to examine out all the relevant factors which an underwriter should know while underwriting Group health insurance policies.


This programme aims to give participants a comprehensive look at

    Group Health insurance market - overview

    Various aspects of Health insurance UW for both compulsory as well as voluntary groups

    Underwriting supported by IT Systems.

    Rule based underwriting / Centralised underwriting

    TPA management and control

    Health Claims Data and analysis

    Customised /Tailor made policies

    Effects of inefficient underwriting Burning cost?

    Brokers & their importance in Underwriting Corporate Group Health insurance.


     Group Health Insurance Indian and Global scenario

    Various Government Group schemes and their management.

    Data Management Health claims

    TPA and control on Claims

    Detecting an objective risk (Ex-Metro and Non metro rating)

    Actuarial aspect of Rating Group Health

    Fraud management Team and its importance in Group Health

    Balancing Brokers, TPA and Insured   - overcoming challenges

Participants Profile

Officials working in Corporate Offices. Officials from Head office, large Regional Offices handling marketing & Health Department. Relationship managers in corporate offices

Duration:       2 days

Dates:             19.01.2023-20.01.2023