Defining work-life balance today is no easy task. Digital integration encourages an always on culture blurring the line between work and personal life. Modern work-life integration may need to look beyond balancing time to balancing energy. The pandemic has redefined us socially and psychologically in ways that cannot be imagined. The experience from the pandemic has led to a hybridisation of both office and home. Digitalization has become the new normal. A key to continued success is in upskilling, agile methods, and frameworks.

Women Managers have inherent strengths that they can leverage for professional success. They also have their own gender specific challenges that they need to convert to opportunities to create an enabling environment which will help them in bringing professionalism and work life integration.

This programme aims to equip woman managers to utilise their strengths and to deal with the challenges effectively. The programme shall also help them create enabling environment that shall help women executives promote themselves.

Learning Objectives:

  To provide motivation to pursue career goals.

  To impart techniques for managerial effectiveness.

  To enable them to acquire the necessary skill for balancing different roles.

  To bring awareness in the area of health, personal finances and law.

  Overcoming gender specifications


    Commitment to ones growth.

    Goal setting - personal and professional

    Business Etiquette & Executive Presence

    Emotional Intelligence

    Work Life Integration

    Intention to practice

    Financial and Tax Planning

    Assertive communication

    Women and Law

    Health issues specific to women

Participants Profile: Women Officers/Managers in the cadres of AOs (Scale II), ADMs (Scale III) and DMs (Scale IV) working in the offices of LIC.  The eligible officers to be nominated by respective Zonal HRD and CO HRD

Middle Level Women Executives (Scale I to III) from Non-Life Insurance Companies

Duration:       5 days  


I.     31.10.2022-04.11.2022

II.    19.12.2022-23.12.2022