Motor third party Insurance has assumed significant importance in terms of market share in the recent past.  It is also a large contributor to underwriting losses affecting the bottom line of companies. The stakeholders involved in the motor third party ecosystem are many, requiring monitoring and control by the insurers for effective portfolio management. Recent developments in the motor space include introduction of The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, amendment in section 163A-schedule for compensation for third party fatal accidents/injury cases claims, compulsory personal accident cover of Rs.15 lac, regulation on long term policy for two wheelers and private cars, and increasing frequency and severity of third party cases. The programme will enable participants to have an understanding of various facets of motor third party insurance to enable them to provide better service and make the portfolio sustainable.


 The programme aims to equip participants with knowledge and understanding of 

  M.V. Act and other laws

  Procedural requirements of MACT Claims

  Medical knowledge for assessment of non-fatal injuries

  Written statements, pleading & proving the defences available, effective recovery

  Role of Insurers, Advocates, Investigators, Police, Judiciary and MVD in the management of TP claims 

  Various mechanisms for claims settlement


  Overview of Motor TP: Portfolio Trends

  MV Act, MV Rules , CPC & other laws governing motor insurance

  Trends in court awards and important judgements

  Provisioning of third-party claims

  Written statements, pleading & proving the defences available, effective recovery

  Medical knowledge to handle T.P. claims & assessment of non-fatal injuries

  Defences available to insurers, settlement calculation aspects

  Role of Officers, Police, investigators, hospitals & judiciary in T.P. claims management process

  Lok Adalats, conciliatory & alternate dispute mechanisms


Participants Profile 

 Officials handling Motor Third Party claims posted in Head Office, Regional Offices, Claims Hubs, Operating Offices of Indian and foreign public & private sector General Insurance Companies

  Duration:       3 Days

  Dates:             17.10.2022-19.10.2022