Business intelligence (BI) primarily includes the various strategies and the required technologies used by organizations to analyze large data for business information and thereby for business growth. Large volume of data is being generated on daily basis at increasingly rapid rates in many departments at various levels. The companies collect business data on underwriting, sales, services, claims, non-transactional data like through social media, various logs including web activities by their customers, visitors, netizens, etc.

It is practically impossible to make sense of such data without use of analytics/data mining tools and techniques. Many free and commercial software tools exist to sift through data.

This program has been designed to provide step-by-step learning process to adopt the right software tools and techniques for data mining and data analysis for the business growth of the organization. The program will assist the participants to appreciate how data mining and data analysis will enable the participants to intelligently strategize their growth in new business and servicing of existing policies. It will also highlight importance of Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence in Sales, Marketing & CRM.


Ø  LIC in New Business Environment: Opportunities & Challenges

Ø  Overview of BI & Data Analytics for Strategic Decision Making (includes BI, Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive Analytics & Data Mining Lifecycle Best Practices)

Ø  Data Analysis, Summarization & Visualization

Ø  CRM Best Practices & Tips

Ø  Customer Care Best Practices by various companies globally

Ø  Goal Seek, Scenarios Management & Data Driven Sensitivity Analysis

Ø  Sales, Marketing & CRM Dashboard Development

Ø  Data Mining for Sales, Marketing & CRM (includes identifying non-trivial facts, patterns, and relationships in the data)

Ø  Product-Mix Optimization using Analytics Tool

Ø  Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence in Sales, Marketing & CRM

Ø  Applications in various facets of Life Insurance Business

Ø  Analytical Models—descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive models

Ø  Evaluation, refining and deployment of Analytical Models

Ø  Case Studies—Discussions and live demonstrations

Participants’ Profile:

Sr. BMs / Manager (Sales) / Manager (CLIA / Manager (B & AC) / Manager (IT) / Manager (CRM) / Manager (P & IR) of the age group between 40-45(may go  upto  50 years)


Duration: 4 Days

Dates:     10.10.2022- 13.10.2022