Distribution channel partners play crucial role in driving business expansion and in achieving profitability objectives of insurers. In recent times, due to continued changes in customer behaviour, regulatory, operational and technological environments, the insurance industry has witnessed emergence of many new alternative distribution channels. This has led insurers to adopt multichannel distribution architecture. It has also led insurers to face the challenge of integrating various channels in such a way that cost remains low while effectiveness in customer service and channel productivity is enhanced. Multichannel distribution architecture also give rise to increased instances of channel conflicts.  Thus, for insurance companies it is vital to have distribution channel model which is effectively designed and managed. The programme aims at discussing all the key areas crucial in this regard.


On completion of the programme, the participants will gain:

Ø  Understanding of latest trends and developments in Distribution Channel Ecosystem

Ø  Learn the ways to improve the systems and processes of Channel Management to achieve higher productivity and business growth

Ø  Identify  new sources of value creation  for channel partners as well as customers


Ø  Latest Trends And Developments In Distribution Channel Ecosystem

Ø  Recent developments in intermediary regulations and implications

Ø  Major Steps In Distribution Channel Management Planning ( from recruitment to retention) 

Ø  Analysis  of Various channels’ characteristics and market-channel potential mapping

Ø  Strategies For Establishing And Strengthening Relationships With Channels Partners

Ø  Strategies Of  Enabling Channel Partners For Enhanced Productivity

Ø  Applications Of Information and communication Technology In Channel Management

Ø  Managing Channel Conflicts

Participants’ Profile:

Branch Managers, Divisional Managers and Officers from the Marketing Department of Regional Offices & Head Offices.  Brokers, Corporate Agents, and/or Bancassurance

Duration:       3 days

Dates:              07.12.2022- 09.12..2022