COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way organizations used to function, and has unsettled the conventional practices. It has also put extraordinary pressure on the organizations as well as the Operating Unit In-charges to re-think about existing strategies and build resilience to ensure long term sustainability and profitability. The 3-day workshop on Building Resilience will help the Operating Unit In-charges to cope with the crisis and respond to the VUCA world of work.

 Learning Objectives

    To understand and analyse various environmental factors and their impact on the organizational operations

    To learn to adapt during crisis

    To develop a positive outlook

    To become aware of skills essential for developing resilience in self as well as in the team


    Understanding the changing world of work

    Resilience in the aftershock of the pandemic

    A relook at the business continuity plan: Ensuring continuity during crisis

    Redesigning strategies for coping with the VUCA world

    Dealing with workplace stress

    Building resilient and high performance teams

    Developing self-resilience and inner strength

    Developing realistic optimism

    Developing self-efficacy

 Participant Profile: Operating Unit In-charges

Duration:       3 days

Dates:             05.12.2022-07.12.2022